Action and Advocacy

Be and advocate for change! SEWBA encourages all of its members to become actively involved in the SEWBA Government Affairs Program.

Together we work to protect our industry from over-regulation by monitoring codes, ordinances and legislation that directly impacts the homebuilding industry, and by communicating directly with elected officials and policy makers.


Codes, Standards and Issues

Part of the mission of the Southeast Wyoming Builders Association is to assist and educate the membership of SEWBA on technical matters relating to residential construction, codes, standards, methods, and procedures for the benefit of the consumers they serve.

  • Monitor and review codes, ordinances and legislation which directly impacts the homebuilding industry
  • Communicate with elected officials and policy makers regarding our industry issues
  • Formulate and advocate for needed changes, and
  • Educate members of the association about current issues, new laws, regulatory and administrative matters

Although the programs primary focus is at the state and local levels, SEWBA monitors and provides input on federal legislation and agency activities through the National Association of Homebuilders. It is important that we fight to keep Southeast Wyoming prosperous by providing a housing market open to all income levels.